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Best Photo Recovery Software for PC and Mac

Photo recovery software is used to recover files such as pictures that have been lost from a computer or a memory card. A computer or a memory card can lose your photos or other files as a result of being corrupted or in case you delete the photos accidentally.

That being said, it is important to note that recovery tools are different and have different features and capabilities, where you find some are capable of recovering files from storage media such as hard disks that have crashed while the others are capable of recovering deleted photos. This article shall discuss the best four recovery software, the four software stands out in terms of recovery capability, usage-where they are easy to use, security of your media device and compatibility with the media devices. This software includes:

Criteria Used in Evaluation of Photo Recovery Software


Security of Pc and Mac is usually very important and that why before a software is recommended, it has to pass all the tests to show it is virus-free. The test involves uploading the files that are downloaded to Valkyrie, a Valkyrie is a sophisticated system that is used to give file verdict for software such as the photo recovery software. In addition to Valkyrie file verdict, the photo recovery software is also evaluated to determine whether it is versatile or non-destructive. Remember it is very important for a photo recovery software to be capable of conducting the read-only operation without having to damage the computer or the memory card.

Recovery Ability

There are various image formats today and that why a photo recovery software needs to be powerful so as to cater for the diversification of these different photos. An efficient photo recovery software should support camera Raw image formats as well as the standard PNG and JPEG. Nowadays there are several photo recovery software capable of retrieving files such as audio and video files which make it very convenient for you.

Supported Devices

It is very important for a photo recovery software to be compatible since it helps it to be easily supported by storage devices such as flash disk and memory card. Remember if it cannot be supported by such devices, it becomes completely useless. The reason I say so is because the storage devices are the one containing the lost files. In case you decide to get a photo recovery software, make sure it supports all conventional devices.

Ease to Use

A good program should not be look alike since that is usually an indication of a poor design commonly found in white-labelling products. The reason why white-labelling is discouraged in photo recovery software is because the user experience is very important. Lastly, GUI software is better than command line tools in terms of photo recovery.

System Compatibility

A software that is regularly updated is usually more advantageous compared to that does not since it is usually more secure and more compatible with Mac Photo Recovery tools or the latest windows .i.e. windows 10. A good example of less compatible software is the latest macOS Sierra and the OS X EL Capitan which are not compatible with the Mac Photo Recovery tool and that why is a point to consider when buying a software.

Best Photo Recovery Software

Easy Digital Photo Recovery

Easy Digital Recovery is compatible with windows 7/ XP/VIista/9 only and is capable of recovering graphic images such as TIFF, RAW formats, and JPEG. The main advantage of this software is considerably quick since is capable of scanning quickly and its program comes in a wide variety of languages which includes French, Germany, and English.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery really stands out in terms of files recovery since it is capable of recovering image files, audio files, and video files. This software is compatible with flash cards, PC/Mac hard drives, and digital cameras. The software is ideal for PC and Mac since it comes with Macintosh and Windows version. Lastly, Stella Phoenix Photo Recovery is capable of recovering media file formats such as AVI, FLV, WAV and MOV just to name a few.

Odboso Photoretrieval

Photo retrieval is capable of recovering deleted videos, audio, and photos, it can do this in the cell phones, digital cameras, computer hard drives and memory sticks. Also, this software is capable of recovering photos lost through the various situation for instance disk formatting, accidental deletion, and hardware malfunction. However, the application is limited in terms of compatibility since it is only compatible with the Windows.

Remo Recover Media

Remo Recover Media is one software that really stands out since it is capable of restoring about fifty media files from hard drives, iPods, camcorders and flash memory cards. The reason why this software is able to restore all these files is because of its deep scanning mechanism which thoroughly scans the media device. Remo Recover Media is very convenient since is compatible will all Windows versions. Lastly, it is capable for you to run the Remo Recover Media on Mac or PC.