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Top 6 Best Free Data Backup Software

Computers are a way of life for many people, young and older. The people come from all walks of life. Computers are used everyday, in the home, on the job or for leisure. Computers have a tendency of being infected with a virus or a worm and crashing. This can cause a loss of important files and documents. It also means that you will need to pay for service repair or purchase another computer. The key to preserving all files and disks, and preventing this hardship from happening is being prepared. Backup software programs are an essential tool for all computers, and it will save you the high cost of repairs. You can pay a big price for backup software, or you can get the free version of the same software. Free data backup software was once a basic program that performed simple functions, but in recent years they have been updated to perform at the very highest level of success on computers. Listed below are the 6 best Free Data Backup Software Programs.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free

This backup software is the most popular one available. It has many vital features and it backs up the computer’s entire operating system. It allows you to schedule backups all at once or at different times. It will recover all lost files and folders in the system at the same time or restore and recover individual files. The program will create emergency disks, and store information in many locations in the computer system. This backup program is very user friendly and is available for Windows operating systems.

Comodo Backup

This backup program allows you to copy your files in more than one location such as external or network drives. It also does DVD or CD disks. Its best feature is the smart profiling tool which allows you to categorize your files. It also comes with a step by step guide.

Genie Timeline Free

This program performs backups automatically. It is a simple program that has many features. This program allows you to store information in online storage, network or disks. It copies information without being prompted. You can also schedule backups. This application is available for IPhones and IPads. It is for Windows 10 and older systems.

AOMEI Backupper Standard

This is an extremely simple program with basic features that include restoring files and information and cloning. It does full system backup. You can schedule so that backups happen automatically. This free version is slower than the paid version.

Paragon Backup and Recover Free

The Paragon free backup software program has basic features. It schedules backups, recovers and restores files and documents. It allows you to recover one file, if needed, instead of the entire system. It has backup for media, CDs, VDs and Blu-ray disks. The program is to be used with Windows 10. Not compatible for Mac.

Backup Maker

This is a program that is designed for Windows 10 and older systems. This program will perform full and partial backups It does all the basics including schedule backups, restore and recover files and document, and is also a backup for media such as CDs, DVDs, and networks. There is no free technical support with this backup program.

The Backup Software Programs above are all free and will give you the peace of mind of knowing that all of your important documents, files and folders are safe and secure. You have the option of paying for the backup program or getting the same service and features from the free version of the same program. Getting the free version is a smart and economical decision.