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Winter Olympics edition Galaxy Note 8

With the advancement of technology, the communication industry has not been left behind, every day the sector is coming up with the new invention as well as products to make the information and the communication industry ahead of technology. Samsung is one of the leading communication and technology organization in the world. Since their inception, they firm been manufacturing excellent and long-lasting products which they market globally. Some of their products include laptops, desktops, mobile phones, refrigerators, televisions, iPods, tablets, and microwaves among others.

Samsung is there to meet the needs and the expectations of their clients that are distributed all over the world. In the recent days Samsung management team announced that they are ready for 2018 Olympic Games, to show their commitment and readiness, the communication company is manufacturing a new product for the 2018 Olympic Games. Olympics 2018 will be held in South Korea the home of Samsung Company, and the firm has stocked Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for the Olympia. According to the communication firm, every person participating in the games will receive Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

The games will be held during winter and to celebrate the winter-themed games; the organization has manufactured the smartphones with a shiny white glass on the back, as well as gold Olympic rings. During the handing over of the themed phones, they will be fully loaded with apps designed as well as themed wallpapers to bring out the Olympic experience and atmosphere to the participants. The company announced that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is only for the Game sand after the Olympics the phones will not be available in the market.

Samsung said that they are thrilled to distribute PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Games Limited Edition Note 8 to all athletes with a primary purpose of helping them stay connected, capture, and the most important of all shared their memorable moments with their friends and loved ones.